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The institute is selected under Skill Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement (STRIVE) Scheme.
To achieve the target of transforming the ITI into self reliant technical proficient Institute and further, to spread the technical education among the masses including weaker section of the society, the management has following plan:-

1. Plan for increased industrial linkage:
i) Training and placement officer will be sent on frequent industrial visits to
develop good rapport with the local industries.
ii) MOUs with Ellin Appliance Ltd at Baddi and shanan Power House at
Joginder Nagar are being pursued.
iii) Dual Training Scheme has been introduced for Fitter & Electrician Trade.
iv) Industry partners are being located for starting Dual training scheme (DTS) in MMV & Basic Cosmetology Trade

2. Plan for increasing placement :-
i) MOUs have been signed with industries to impart inplant industrial training to the Trainees to enhance their employability.
ii) Industries are being contacted to conduct campus interviews for the passed out trainees.
iii) Alumnae club is formed in the ITI for updating the trainees about latest
industrial Development and further to motivate their employers to conduct campus in our institute.

3. To increase women participation :-
(i) Various panchayat / mahila mandel are being visited to spread the awareness of courses in the ITI.
(ii) Transport facility is being planned to the women trainees (optional).
(iii) Potential admission seekers from distant locations are assisted in locating safe and secure rented rooms in the vicinity of the institute.
(iv) Various camps and activities will be conducted in the campus for creating awareness among female trainees about menstrual hygiene and nutrition values.
(v) for promoting self defence among female trainess, Free karate classes will be organized in the ITI.

4. Facilities for Divyaangs:-
(i) Various seminars / interactive session are coordinated in the campus to sensitive the trainees about Divyaangs and their requirements.
(ii) Barrier free access to class room and work shops is being developed for Divyaangs in the campus.
v) All out efforts are made to develop self esteem and confidence among
such trainees.

5. To increase the participation of the weaker section of society:
i) Village panchayats and NGOs are roped in for publicising the need of Technical education in Developing social status and good financial condition which is essential to lead respectful life in society.
ii) Regular seminars will be conducted to spread the message of equity and
social justice among all trainees.

6. Plan to update the trainers/ instructor about industry specific requirement:-
(i) Short term refresher Courses are to be planned for the trainers/ Instructors to update them about real time technical developments.
(ii) Various training Aids like Audio video interactive tool & smart board are to be used for industrial trainees.

7. Proposal to Increase Total Enrollment and No. of Graduates in the Institute: To bring more purpose in the ambit of Skill Education , we propose to start following Short term of Minimum 300 Hrs. NSQF compliant courses in our Institute:
locate the manpower requirement and employment avenues in the area, a survey along with employment office and Village panchayats. Accordingly it is observed that to reap the benefits of increased tourism industry in the area and further, facilitating more women in achieving financial independence through ITIs, Food production trade is planned to be started in the institute.

Sr. No. Trade Industrial sector Skill demand to be addressed No. of units
1. Food production Service industry Self employment and Service Industry 2

8. Plan for Introducing TOT Refresher courses: To keep the trainers abreast of technical advancements and real tome industrial needs , frequent training courses will be conducted in tie up with the industry. This will help the trainers to hone their Technical skills.

9. Steps for increasing grading scores :-
(i) Better teaching methodologies are adopted to train the trainees.
(ii) Training and placement officer is posted to developed better industrial relation for providing letter employment awareness to the passed out trainees.
(iii) More industries are conducted to support the institute under CSR.
(iv) Frequent courses are being conducted for the trainees /institute.
(v) Alternate sames are developed for filling all the vacant posts in the institute.

10. Plan to adopt online examination ,Dual training ,online admission etc.:-
(i) Facilitation centre will be set up in the institute for facilitating the admission seekers.
(ii) Mock online examinations will be conducted for the trainees.
(iii) MOUs have being signed with industry for implementing Dual Training Scheme in the campus.
iii) Trainer and instructor are motivated to involve in self development

11. Other

11.1 Revenue Generation:-
Various in house activities are planned to raise funds to achieve the vision of making the institute self reliant. These are:-
(i) Locating vendors to market the garments produced by the women trainees
(ii) Starting of NSQF approved Short term Training courses of Minimum 300
Hours. For strengthening the skill of the trainees, short term courses in beauty and wellness, Welder, Motor Mechanic, Plummer, Computer and Apparel sector are planned to be started in the institute.
(iii) Industries are being indentified to send their manpower for refresher
courses is the campus.
(iv) Starting motor Driving Training school in the campus.

11.2 Resource requirement:
(a) Total funds required for all these activities are: 200.
(b) Total funds required from Strive scheme: 200.
( C) Additional Staff required:-
Sl No. Designation No. of Personnel Reqd Period for which required
1 Trainer food production 2 Full Time
2 Training and Placement Officer 1 Full Time
3 Office Staff 1 Full Time

(d) Tentative expenditure details:-
Sr. No. Items Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total
Non Recurring Costs
1 Minor Civil Work 5 5 – – – 10
2 Equipment/ furniture 15 20 21 21 14 91
3 Training of Faculty 2 2 2 2 2 10
4 ICT 4 4 7 7 6 28
5 Books etc 1 2 2 .5 .5 6
Sub Total (1:5) 27 33 32 30.5 22.5 145
A Recurring Costs
6 Salary of additional Staff 3 4 0 0 0 7
7 Facilities for Trainees 2 2 3 3 5 15
8 Raw Material 1 1 2 3 3 10
9 Repair & maintenance of Equipment 1 2 2 3 3 11
10 Miscellaneous
(extra curricular and trainee development etc) 2 2 2 3 3 12
B Sub Total (6:10) 9 11 9 12 14 55
12 End Total (A+B) in Lac 36 44 41 42.5 36.5 200

SUMMARY OF ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS IN ISP JOGINDERNAGAR: Details of various alterations and additions proposed in Revised Institutional Strategic Plan (ISP) are depicted below in comparative form for ease of understanding:
Part A: Institutional Details
Original Doc Sl. Original ISP reads as Revised ISP reads as
1 Date of Establishment: 36621 Date of Establishment: 8/2000
Affiliation No. DGT: NXT003990 DGT: 6/8/3/2001-TC(Govt)
32 Total sanctioned posts:5
No. of sanctioned posts filled:5
No. of sanctioned posts filled by contractual:0
Percent of sanctioned posts filled:100 Total sanctioned posts:6
No. of sanctioned posts:6
No. of sanctioned posts filled by contractual: 2
Percent of sanctioned posts filled:100
Salary of contract instructor:14100 Salary of contract instructor:18850
Part B: Strategic Plan:
Original Doc Sl. Original ISP reads as Revised ISP reads as
1(ii) Industry partners are being located for Dual Training Scheme (iii) DTS has been implemented in Fitter and Electrician Trade.
(iv) Industry Partnes are being located for MMV and Basic Cosmetology Trade.
7 Proposal for starting Fresh Trade Instead of 02 in no. new trades only Food Production is being recommended now.
11.1 Revenue generation NSQF compliant 300 hrs duration courses are included
11.2 a) Total funds Requirement : 169 Lakhs
a) Total funds Requirement : 200 Lakhs

b)Total funds required: 130Lakhs
b)Total funds required: 200 Lakhs

c) Additional staff Reqd: c) Additional staff Reqd:
Trainer welder and Health worker are removed.
01 in no. Office staff has been added
d) Tentative Expenditure details: Total 169 Lakhs d) Tentative Expenditure details: Total 200 Lakhs

Part C: View change in No. of Proposed new trades and additional NSQF compliant 300 hrs Short term courses, Year wise Procurement plan has been revised completely.
Part D: No Change.